it support

  • pc tune up

    • Speed up your PC! SimWorks Performance will have your PC operating at its optimal potential and efficiency with our PC Tune Up service. The service includes a thorough cleaning of the computer’s operating system, removal of unnecessary programs, registry and hard drive tuning, and an update of all essential programs.

  • Custom & pre-built computers

    • SimWorks Performance is a leading manufacturer in Custom and Pre-Built computers. We custom configure PCs based on the needs of the customer. In addition to building with industry-leading premium computer components, we take pride in our superior wire management, and after-purchase customer service.

  • Data Recovery

    • SimWorks Performance can recover your important data with our Data Recovery service. We can recover from failed desktop, laptop or external hard drives, including solid state and platter drives.

  • Virus / Spyware Removal

    • Viruses and Spyware are not something that should be taken lightly. They can compromise your personal information such as credit card numbers, bank accounts, and home address. SimWorks Performance will remove all discovered infection(s), and we will also repair any damages that those infections may have caused to your operating system.


    • If things go wrong, we’re still here for you. Many common issues that arise with PCs can be repaired remotely. That means that a technician assesses and fixes your issue while you remain at home and the tech remains in the store. Other issues may require on-site diagnostics and/or an in-shop repair. SimWorks Performance is prepared to respond to all levels of PC emergencies and will provide a clear plan of service and estimate after a professional consultation.


    • Unsure of which software applications are the best for your use? Be it a home or a business system, SimWorks Performance will help you choose the best software applications, as well as install and upgrade them to have your system operating exactly as you require. Let us filter out the noise of app variety and save your valuable time so that you can get to doing what you want.

it engineering

  • Complete network & data solution

    • SimWorks Performance can provide an entire ground up installation and configuration of your home or business network, including data management.

  • Wired / Wireless Network Setup & Installation

    • Choose the network type based on your needs, wired or wireless or a hybrid using both, and SimWorks Performance will install and configure it to your specifications. We take pride in efficient network design and clean cable management, much like we do our PC builds. A properly built system or network is one that will be easier to update, upgrade, and manage for years to come.

  • On-Site file servers, data storage & back-up

    • SimWorks Performance can design and install on-site file servers for data storage and/or back-up, or a virtualization server, based on the specifications of the customer. Virtualization servers are ideal for businesses that need to access sensitive or private data remotely on location, while also filling a requirement for complete data protection and secrecy.

  • one stop business or home computing solution

    • Combine SimWorks Performance’s PC, Network, and Data Management design, installation and configuration services for the absolute best whole-building solution on the market.

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