Delidding and Binning Service


Delidding and Binning Service

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With the delidding process, peak core temps are typically reduced 15-25c.

SimWorks Performance provides a CPU Delidding and Binning Service, available to all 1150, 1151 and AM4 CPUs.

For these services, you are required to mail in your processor.

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Delidding :

  • The stock IHS (integrated heatspreader) from your CPU.

  • Components under the IHS are covered with liquid electric tape.

  • Stock thermal paste is thoroughly removed from your CPU’s die and replaced with Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut liquid metal.

  • A new custom copper IHS is now applied and the delid is completed.

Binning (Additional)

  • We put the CPU on one of our test benches to determine the temperature difference from stock.

  • The CPU is then put through the overclock process to determine the max voltage and clock speed while still being stable under 80c with a AIO liquid cooling loop.

  • You are provided with the results and given the settings required for your CPU’s overclock rating.

Once we receive your CPU, it generally takes 1-3 business days for the service to be completed depending on order volume.

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